Traveler and International Worker Disease Update


International travelling, including travelling worker, business trip, tourism, Hajj pilgrimage can pose various risks to health. The increasing of global-travelling has led to more frequent illness and diseases during travel that may spread to susceptible contacts (e.g., Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), tuberculosis, and multidrug-resistent bacteria). Therefore, regulations and action needs to be done to prevent the infection or transmission of the disease. Apart from that, the awareness has developed among practitioners to prevent illnesses in travelers, not only the provision of vaccines and chemo-prophylactic, but also personal behavior and safety during travel and access to medical care in the event of illness.

Other health risk caused by global-travelling is occupational-related disease, especially disease related to travelling worker. It contribute 1,1 % of death, and 1,5 % disability-adjusted life years lost worldwide. People face numerous hazards at work, which may result in injuries, cancer, hearing loss, and respiratory, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, reproductive, neurological, skin, and mental disorders. The risk of disease or injury in the working environment should be minimized, yet many thousands of workers worldwide are exposed to hazardous substances at work every day. It is important for doctors and health professionals to recognize occupational and work-related diseases among their patients to prevent them from being permanently disabled and to enable affected workers to exercise their rights to compensation.

From the illustration above, also in order to celebrate the 9th anniversary, The Faculty of Medicine Universitas Muhammadiyah Semarang (UNIMUS), takes the initiative to build an international network through International Seminar of Occupational Health and Medical Sciences (i-SOCMED) 2017. The seminar will be held in collaboration with universities from various countries : University of Groningen, Netherland; Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), Malaysia; King Abdulaziz University (KAU), Saudi Arabia; and Universitas Indonesia (UI), Indonesia.


  1. Creating a sustainable platform to tackle current health issues in occupational health and worker disease.
  2. Development of a sustainable framework to enhance knowledge in related issues.
  3. Establishment of an international network in medical and health sciences to promote collaborative research
  4. Enhancement of scientific advancement through international collaboration.


General Practitioner
Undergraduate students
Postgraduate students
Professional association
Travel agents
Peoples who interested in traveller’s healths, occupational healths and healths sciences for about 300 people.

Saturday, 19th August 2017
Patra Semarang Convention Hotel
Jl. Sisingamangaraja, Candi Baru, Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia


  1. Keynote speaker

            Dr. dr. Muchtarudin Mansyur, MS, SpOk, PhD*

  1. Occupational Medicine Update in Europe

            Lailana Purvis, MD

  1. Ethics in Occupational Medicine

            dr. Nusye E Zamsiar, MS, SpOK*

  1. Vaccination and Travel Advice to Mecca

            Prof. Sultan Ayoub Meo, MBBS, PhD, MMed Ed, FRCP

  1. Hajj Healthcare Management

            Dr. dr. Fidiansjah, SpKJ., MPH*

  1. Update of Gynecology Problem in Travellers: The Emerging Zika Virus

            Prof. Dr Zaleha binti Abdullah Mahdy PMP

* On active confirmation